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Backyard Cardinal
Oil on Canvas

Snowy Cardinal

Backyard Cardinal-2018 **Gifted**

We are so lucky to have an array of wildlife birds in our neighborhood. This beautiful male has me trained and while I walk towards the feeder with Black Oiled Sunflower Seeds, he approaches the feeder cautiously but excitedly. I was also fortunate to get some close up photographs which has allowed me to create this painting.

This picture was created quickly as it has been gifted to my Aunt for her Birthday. I knew
I was on a time schedule as the painting needed to be shipped and also required at minimum, 3 weeks for drying to the touch. So I went at it on a January 27th day and put the last brush to canvas on February 4th.  It sat and dried until the end of February and is now in the hands of my Aunt..  Enjoy Auntie M! 

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