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Golden Girl, Bailey (1995 ~ 2009)
Oil on Canvas

Golden Retreiver

Bailey was our loving English blonde Golden Retriever. We always said that when we brought her home as a puppy in 1995, she was born old as she was so docile and it pleased her to no end, to please her family and those that surrounded her.

In 2009, fourteen years later, we had to say goodbye to her and while she will always remain in our thoughts, she's been frolicking and running pain free on Rainbow Bridge with all her friends and your beloved pets as well. 

Cougar and Tigers were created on oils 30 + years ago and the time has come to test my Southpaw skills and paint a portrait of our beloved family member Bailey, a Golden Retriever. 

The Sketch....

Using a proportional divider, a light charcoal sketch of her was applied to the canvas...

Golden Retriever

The Painting...

Using Grumbacher Oils and mediums,  a dark to light, thin to thick, background to foreground application will be applied to this 12x12 Canvas

Pet Oil Painting Portrait

After a crazy, hectic work day, I had to step into my studio to take something off the printer. As I raced down to fetch the printout, a ray of sunshine danced along the partially covered canvas.

The sun shines through a certain window during the spring/summer at the same time everyday but it's never captured a moment like it did at this particular time.  

Perhaps Bailey was looking down and telling me to slow down! 

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