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Moraine Lake, Alberta
~Oil on Canvas~

Moraine Lake, Alberta Sunrise

I was fortunate enough to witness one of the most breath taking experiences ever to be had. The sun rising over the Valley of the Ten Peaks that surround the glacially fed, Moraine Lake in Alberta Canada.

Many photos were taken as the sun was rising onto the peaks but the inspiration to this oil on canvas painting was photographed (by Kerry) at 5:3
8 am (PDT) on the morning of June 30, 2019.

Below images are a few of the work in progress. To date, the painting has been layered in an impasto texture and with the Alizarin Crimson and Indian Yellow mixed together to start the impasto glow of the sunrise on the mountain peaks and, the fact that these colours are both considered to be a couple of the longest to dry, a little (or more than a little) time will be needed prior to layering on the next level of mountain glow.   

Over a period of a couple months, the tree lined mountains were completed with colours of Sap Green and Cadmium Yellow. The evergreens were created using equal parts of Phthalo Blue, Sap Green and Vandyke Brown. The evergreen trunks were completed using burnt umber mixed with a tad of titanium white and created using a palette knife.

For now, the painting is (in my mind) completed and hanging to dry when it will be eventually sealed in about a years time. Until the next time, thanks for viewing! 

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Moraine Lake, Alberta Sunrise
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