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The Brink I
Niagara Falls, Ontario


Niagara Falls, The Brink

Its been more than 30 years since experimenting with acrylic paints. I was never a fan of how the paint dried so quickly nor the consistency in the application to canvas. Well a lot has changed in 30 years and decided to give them another try. With permission from Christine Hess, a local photographer to use a photograph for guidance and inspiration, an image of the Brink at Niagara Falls, Ontario was roughly sketch to canvas.. Adding Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel and Slow-Dri Blending Mediums, gave the paint a little more legs to run along the canvas. While my preference is to paint with oils, the dry time for acrylic paints is much quicker and so is this project. To see more of Christine Hess' photographs of Niagara Falls you can visit her website at

iagara Falls, The Brink

The Painting

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