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Pine Paddle Art

EF-2 Tornado, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

This particular paddle has meaning and an all around feel of what cottage country feels like.  Standing on the shoreline while watching a storm roll through in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario Canada, only to find out that storm was an EF-2 Tornado in August of 2020 which left devastation and thousands without power for a number of days. While one side of the paddle depicts the storm rolling through created with oil, the other (back) side is completed with hand drawn/painted Chevrons completed with a layer of Envirotex pour-on epoxy resin for a solid hard finish. 


Chevron Side (Acrylic~Resin)

Storm Side
(Oil on Gesso)

Several layers of an acrylic gesso were applied, sanded, applied and sanded.  A rough sketch was drawn on the surface and for easier  application, shapes were carefully taped off for final applications. This was only after a little bit of wood burning of dragonflies and vines were carefully applied to the handle. 

Paint A Paddle for als
~2019 / 2020~


I was approached by my art partner in crime to participate in an Art Auction to support our local Chapter of ALS Canada. I was given a 56 inch wooden paddle and the only instructions that came with the paddle was to make art!  The thought of creating art on an oar was a little challenging to the mind and after racking my brains with the "what on earth should I do to this paddle" question, the only thought that came to mind was to just go with the flow and let my imagination run wild!   

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