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Here you will find exclusive and unique visual arts through the eyes and hand of a South-Paw, Naïve Artist. While a few of these original canvas projects were commissioned, most of the art displayed here are in private collections and without any use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Why are they in a private collection? The art on this site is here to display with no pressure, stress or time constraints; it is what it is! The completed canvas' along with start to finish projects are detailed throughout by simply venturing up to any of the links above to experience current art happenings or start to finish projects. Hope you enjoy the contents of this site and thanks for viewing and visiting. Until next time, Cheers! ~Kerry McCallum~

Grumbacher Oil Paints
Southpaw Artist


“There are two ways of thinking about painting, how to do it and how not to do it:

How to do it - with much drawing and little colour;

How not to do it - with much colour and little drawing."

Vincent van Gogh

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