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Grindavík Iceland
~ Blue Lagoon ~ 
Oil on Canvas

Proportional Art Divider

This is the last painting of a series that have been created from photos taken in Iceland. I would like to thank my daughter along with her friend for giving me the opportunity to create these paintings from pictures they took while on their journey.

This last creation was taken at Blue Lagoon in Iceland and was commissioned by my daughter as a gift to her traveling buddy. Because of the time frame involved, the painting required immediate attention to allow some drying for it to be presented on a specific day. 

Within 3 straight evenings and up to only 2 hours per session, I was able to complete this project in time for drying and gifting in January 2017.  

I present to you, this 8x10, gallery wrapped canvas completed with Grumbacher mediums.  

The painting

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