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Northern Lights, Reykjavik Iceland
Oil on Canvas

Reykjavik Iceland, Oil on Black Canvas-Part II

#1 The Sketch

Northern Lights Reykjavik Iceland

While faint to the eye, a rough charcoal sketch of the horizon has been applied on the black canvas.  Hues of violet, green, blue, yellow, black along with tints of white will be applied to the already black canvas in bold and different strokes.  

#2, 3, 4 & 5: Applying Crimson Red and Cerulean Blue with a palette knife to give a rich impasto darkness to the already black canvas

Had a difficult time trying to locate a tube of Grumbacher Permanent Green Light Pre-test Oil for my vision so after experimenting with Permanent Green Bright blended with Cadmium-Barium-Yellow Medium, I was able to achieve the tone of Light Green I was looking for!  Need to let the Impasto dark colours set for a few days before blending in lighter tones.

Lighter Tones

Yep, you guessed it!  A portrait of the Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights in Iceland. While the lower portion of shore and sky are being worked with a palette knife in an impasto texture, I decided to switch up the lights in a smooth consistency and have deviated from the original photograph. A base of the sky colours are being applied with much more detail with extensions to the lights giving the sky a full Aurora Borealis affect. 

Picking up on techniques

As previously noted, this unique impasto creation was delayed throughout the summer but now kicking into gear for completion. A blend of raw umber, phthalo blue and a tint of zinc white will create the colour I have be trying to accomplish for the evening horizon.

Northern Lights, Reykjavik Iceland
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